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In promo mode 18.09.2008

Posted by poligraf in News.
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“Please help us spread the word,” and “Thank you in advance for your support !” are fast becoming my two new favorite phrases (or perhaps more precisely my two most used phrases as promo is really low on my list of favorites) as I post blurbs and links around the web.

Yesterday evening promotional efforts were directed towards painting the walls of Facebook’s Prog Rock groups with poligrafic propaganda, and this morning I’m in a MySpace commenting frenzy. What a boy won’t do to further the cause of the Muse ! That being said, I’ll take composing over promoting anytime.

If the various audio and video clips included in each of the chapter pages are not enough to whet your appetite, you can get a more substantial taste of poligrafic music by downloading the two complete demos of “Reinfused” and “In The Taste Of The Day” that are available here and there on the net, for instance on download.com and the infamous MySpace. Both compositions are taken for a demo published earlier this year.

Ok, back to blurbing and linking. Until next time, please support us, and thank you in advance for helping us spread the word ! (I really miss my guitar).



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