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Heavy Construction 17.10.2008

Posted by poligraf in News.
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No I’m not referring to King Crimson’s live triple album, but this is what came to mind when I reflected on how to best describe the last few weeks (editor’s note : the title of the preceding post came close second, but as it turned out it was already taken).

When we decided to take the fan-funding road, I really didn’t know what to expect. Not that I’m used to spend much time on such musings before jumping in anyway. I guessed I would have some extra emailing and social-webbing to do, but I never anticipated that as a side-effect the Muse would deliver a truckload of inspiration. Since the last week of September, apart from a little almost-daily promotion work and a few indoor football (that is to say, soccer) matches, I basically spent almost every spendable hour either writing new music or completing unfinished compositions. Hmmm… spent isn’t quite the right word here, but then again neither are passed or invested so it’ll have to do.

So, fast-forward a few weeks to today, and we now have an additional 30 minutes of mostly-unexpected pretty good rock of the modern prog variety in the form of “Void” (6:30), “Come Back” (7:30), “Ignorant” (6:30), and “The Chrome Lake” (12:20). While writing I also connected to an increasingly clearer vision of the underlying concept and running order of Poligraf’s second album which will present a collection of pieces related to my own spiritual curriculum while exploring the Buddhist paradigm :

1. Into The Ashram (?:??)
2. The Chrome Lake (12:20)
3. Leaving The Ashram (6:00)
4. SubjeKctiv (4:30)
5. Creeper (6:30)
6. Void (6:30)
7. Ignorant (6:00)

Given that “Creeper”, “SubjeKctiv”, and “Leaving The Ashram”, are already written, only “Into The Ashram” remains to be addressed, although while browsing my idea bank earlier this week I stumbled upon a couple of demo sequences both dating from 1998 that will provide the seeds I need to get going. So I guess the bad news is that we now have, or will shortly have to be exact, a second album to fund. By the way, if you can help, please do !

All that being said I’m going to leave you on this Daily Meditation :

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. – Buddha

In Buddhist literature “Endurance” is often the name by which the various characters refer to this world. Oh the surprise…



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