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COTD #5 : Polygraph part 1 08.11.2008

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I had an indoor football game yesterday evening, so no COTD. To make up for that I’ll do two in a row this evening. We won 11-3 by the way.

Clip #5 is a demo of “Exposition,” the first section of “Polygraph.” The Discipline-era King Crimson influence is undeniable here, and the second variation sounds like something from Steve Reich’s “Drumming” :

I have a particular fondness for that piece of music. One fine evening many years ago I stumbled upon the main motif while trying some tapping on my classical guitar. The TV was on to Robert Lepage’s movie “Le Polygraphe,” so when I got to sequencing the motif, I named the file “Polygraph.” The band was looking for its name at the time, and so I also added the word to the list of potential names that I would submit to the boys at rehearsals. An awful lot of names were suggested during that period, but “polygraph” was the first to which nobody voiced any objection, so we jumped on it.



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[…] “Polygraph” is entitled “Vindication.” The other parts have been introduced here, and there. Apparently, this composer believes that vindication can mean some serious fun : Thanks […]

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