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COTD #6 : Leaving The Ashram part 1 and 2 08.11.2008

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“Leaving The Ashram” is the third part of what I would call the “Heavy Introspection” trilogy, for lack of having thought of having to think of a name, “Into The Ashram” being the opener, and “The Chrome Lake” the core middle part.

It was originally put together in 2004, way before the other two, and is composed of four sections : Meditative Walk, Running The Last Stretch, The Tabla Master’s Enigma, and The Ordinary II. Here are part 1 and 2 :

A quick update on the writing process : this week I have been tackling “Juggernaut,” and as it turns out this piece will be the longest of our repertoire, clocking in at over 15 minutes. Most of the work is done, only the introduction and a transition between two sections remain to be addressed.

See you in a few hours for clip #7.



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