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COTD #8 : Lepufology 101 09.11.2008

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“Lepufology 101” is the first episode of the adventures of Jack Babbitt, lepufologist. The full title is “Lepufology 101 – Identifying Alien Leporids.” What’s a leporid ? From Wikipedia :

Leporids are the approximately 50 species of rabbits and hares which form the family Leporidae.

And what’s lepufology ? It’s a word coined by Robert Anton Wilson in his book “Quantum Psychology,” and it means “study of rabbit-related UFO encounters.” The feeling I got when reading it was that it’s only a fictional discipline created by Wilson as a way to demonstrate the power of words in stimulating the imagination. Or maybe there are lepufologists out there, who knows really. In any case, it surely inspired me to imagine a musical crash course in lepufology featuring the aforementioned investigator.

When writing the piece I envisioned a short film, associating each movement to a scene as follows :

1. Alert ! Possible Alien Leporids Spotted In The UK
2. Pre-Trip Frenzy
3. Cab Ride To The Airport
4. Uneventful Flight Over The Atlantic
5. From Heathrow To The Discovery Scene
6. Identification – The Formula Is +
7. Back To The Airport
8. Mild Turbulence Over The Atlantic
9. Finally Home

COTD #8 includes the first three scenes and part of the fourth :

Update on the writing process : “Juggernaut” has been tackled to satisfaction, for close to 18 minutes of rocking progressive joy. Seriously, I’m quite happy with the results, and can’t wait to play this one live. Next up : “Believe / We Have Wings.” I have yet to make up my mind about the title, but it should become clear once I address the bridge.

That’s it for tonight folks ! Pleasant dreams…



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