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COTD #27 : In Our Space 05.12.2008

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The working title for this one was “Innerspace” until I started reworking the lyrics and recognized what the piece is about : building a better world for ourselves.

It comprises two sections, “The Purpose Of Our Being” and “A Space Where We Can Be.” The first employs a fairly standard song form and reminds me of a song on Shadow Gallery‘s Carved in Stone album, “Don’t Ever Cry Just Remember” if my memory serves me right. The second section is an instrumental which turns into a fugue after an initial energetic passage.

The clip presents the end of the first part and the beginning of the second :

The lyrics have been given the still-messy-and-not-quite-clear-actually status, so I’ll just post the last verse, which shouldn’t change much :

Imagining a world
Where people don’t have chains
Where minds are sound and love unbound
And matter isn’t king

And you and I are free
To reach what we will see
To be the only thing we need
A space where we can be



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