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COTD #29 : Lepufology 201 06.12.2008

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As mentioned a few weeks ago, the original concept behind the Lepufology story has bloomed into a sci-fi scenario, and I’ll add that it involves crop circles and underground rabbit farming.

The second episode of the adventures of Jack Babbitt, lepufologist, is entitled “Lepufology 201 : Investigating Burrows,” and the action takes our good friend Jack in Flatbush, Alberta, to investigate reports of strange occurrences.

Here’s the scene list :

1. Report : Strange Occurrences in Flatbush
2. Yet Another Trip
3. Driving To Alberta
4. Crop Circles
5. Strange Holes In The Ground
6. Digging Deeper
7. Underground Rabbit Farm
8. The Headquarters Are In Wiltshire
9. Let’s Get The Hare Out Of Here !

Today’s clip goes from somewhere in the middle of scene 6 to the end :

I’ve completed the writing of “Octoccata” yesterday, and then started working on “Point Of View” which is progressing at a very nice pace : the lyrics are written and the song is only missing its bridge and outro. At the rate things are unfolding, I’ll probably be done with the whole thing tonight or tomorrow.



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