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COTD #32 : Lepufology 301 09.12.2008

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“Lepufology 301 : Racing Spacecrafts” could hardly be more new than that, as I just finished it less than an hour ago. As mentioned yesterday, this time Jack Babbitt gets abducted and taken into the alien headquarters in the Wiltshire, UK. Here’s the scene list :

1. They’re Catching Up !
2. Abducted !
3. Spacecraft Ride To The Uk
4. Crop Circle
5. Into The Headquarters
6. Translator
7. The Master Plan
8. Pullulation
9. Collaborator

Excerpted today is a subsection entitled “The Master Plan.” That’s when Jack gets to know the intent of his abductors, and I’m not talking muscles here :

Next up : finding which piece to work on next. Most probably the last chapter of the Lepufology tetralogy while I have it in mind.



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