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Calling All Artists ! 21.12.2008

Posted by poligraf in News.
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Calling to the artist
And artistically minded
To lend your assist
You’re hereby invited

But first travel with me
To when we will recall
One common memory
This day among them all

I was the bunny boy
I had to save the world
And we all stopped to toy
And our power unfurled

The petroleum people
Blackened our paradise
Their infernal steeple
Forever on the rise

They invaded countries
For the sake of black gold
Rampaged economies
And made fierce hearts turn cold

They stole from our brother
And poisoned our son
Injured our daughter
Trying to veil the sun

They had wounded our Earth
And obscured our skies
Polluted our firth
And covered up their lies

Long was the night
The day was strange
The time was right
For rules to change

We felt trapped in Helm’s Deep
But the Fates were watching
As we charged from the keep
They graced us their blessing

Say do you recollect
Our journey started here
You joined in the project
And were willing to hear

The call of bunny boy
Who had to save the world
And you stopped being coy
And your power unfurled

And choosing to be strong
We became champions
And stopped playing along
And act as their minions

We fought against the foe
Giving it all our heart
And let the people know
The power of our art

And our work paid off
But not in their money
Corrupters were told off
Corrupted ran away

People in upheaval
Refusing to submit
And in the end evil
Had no choice but to quit

This task I’ve been assigned
To call to the artist
And artistically inclined
To lend their assist

>>> Follow the white rabbit



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