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COTD #49 : Come Back 03.01.2009

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The pause was a little longer than I originally expected, but I’m finally back at the dashboard and ready to blog.

“Come Back” dates back to the epoch of “The Fall Children,” the band that was supposed to be but never really was, and whose unexpected but timely demise cleared the space that Poligraf needed to come into being.

That being said, it has yet to be completed, even as we speak. Much of the job is done, but I still haven’t found an inspiring arrangement for the choruses. Lyrics have been written, and rewritten, and rewritten again, but still they are not finished. Thus, that composition is somewhat of an enigma, which is kind of strange for a piece which is basically a song with an extended instrumental ending.

Speaking of which, here’s the finale, also pretty much done yet a little sketchy in places :

2009 is here. The rules have changed. Consider yourself warned.



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