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COTD #53 : The Origin Of SubjeKctiv 08.01.2009

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“SubjeKctiv” was put together in July 2004 for “The 2004 ProjeKction Music ProjeKct.” Participants were invited to submit music that included at least one of the many audio clips provided by the project initiator, ProjeKction‘s Darren Lock.

The title comes from the recognition of subjectivity as a fundamental principle of human experience. And as such, the piece can function as a reminder that experience is subjective.

The first task in the piece’s creation was to select some of Darren’s audio clips. This particular clip stood out from the lot :

I also had in mind a series of arpeggios that I had stumbled upon in March 2003 and which reminded me of some King Crimson/Robert Fripp music. Here’s an excerpt of my personal blog that document the discovery (in French) :

Hier soir, tout juste après les exercices guitaristiques quotidiens, y’a d’la nouvelle musique qui s’est pointée le bout du nez sous la forme d’une série d’arpèges plutôt frippiens. J’ai pu en noter une petite partie, mais il reste encore tout plein de portes à explorer tout autour de ce que j’ai réussi à capturer…

After their finalization, the arpeggios had been sequenced to MIDI in May 2004 :

As I was toying with ideas, exploring options, and listening repeatedly to the selected audio clip, a riff came to mind, so I grabbed a guitar, most probably my trustworthy Kamouraska Classical on which I write most of the guitar stuff, and recorded it using my Digital Voice Recorder (warning : noisy clip) :

I tried various effects and transpositions on the selected clip to see if I could come up with something interesting, and make sure that the tonality of the various elements were combinable in a fashion pleasant to my ear. The experiments yielded two inspiring variations, and once I had these, I knew I had a piece and could proceed with the writing.

I put together a basic MIDI sequence to establish the structure, using the effected clips for intro and outro, and then I programmed drums and bass. After learning the guitar parts, I recorded them using my Fernandes Monterey Elite through the Line6 Flextone II. At this point, I had everything I needed except for two guitar solos, which were finally developed and recorded in the days that followed the original creative rush. Once mixed and mastered the piece was completed, and was submitted in time to be included on the project’s CD.

Here’s the intro, main theme, and beginning of the first solo of the published version :

The CD of all the submissions was available on CD Baby for a while, and when it went out of stock Darren simply published the music for free download on the ProjeKction website.

Soon to follow : The Evolution Of SubjeKctiv.



1. pilgebump - 10.01.2009

Nicely done – thanks for the musik.

2. poligraf - 10.01.2009

My pleasure ! Thanks for your appreciation ! ;o)

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