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COTD #54 : The Evolution Of SubjeKctiv 09.01.2009

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The development of “SubjeKctiv” didn’t stop with its original release on the ProjeKction 2004 CD.

In October 2005, I recorded a series of variations on the DVR. Again, from the sound I suppose I was playing my Kamouraska Classical (warning : more noisy clips) :


A satisfying and stable figure finally emerged and evolved into an instrumental that became the piece’s bridge.

The section is made up of a basic pattern which is first introduced, then repeated with variations in length, and then modulated twice. I remember trying to explain it verbally to the other guys using the letters A, B, C, and D to identify the pattern variations, but the attempt quickly turned into a somewhat confusing yet very funny spelling exercise. I eventually made a MIDI sequence that solved the communication problems, and once that hurdle was passed the band members were able to learn and perform the piece in full.

I gave some very minimalist instructions to Miguel regarding his lead part, and he came up with a brilliant solo that pushed the whole bridge to new heights.

Here’s what the band sounded like in rehearsals in September 2007 :

And this is Poligraf performing live at La Ninkasi du Faubourg on May 16, 2008 :

While plundering the archives to research material for the “Subjekctiv” story, I stumbled upon some interesting recordings. It may be too soon to tell for sure, but I feel a “SubjeKctiv II” is hidden somewhere in there.



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