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COTD #59 : Informaëlstrom part 2 16.01.2009

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1000 Radios” explores the relationship between individual and reality, a subject and their world. It is composed of two sections : “Countless Questions” and “Informaëlstrom.”

While the first section takes the song form and employs lyrics to convey its message, the concluding section, and ninth chapter of the album, is all instrumental. It aims to depict a reality gone awry, a maelstrom of information as it were, and the struggle of the individual as he endeavours to escape the chaos and finally breaks through the confusion to revel in understanding and effortlessness.

The following excerpt from “Informaëlstrom” is the ending of the original demo that the band used to finalize the arrangements and learn the piece. It is written for a quintet and includes clavinet and synth strings parts which makes the overall feeling quite different from the live version. Check out the clips for a comparison.



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