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COTD #64 : Void, Ending 22.01.2009

Posted by poligraf in COTD.
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As previously mentioned in COTD #16, “Void” is a piece about sunyata, the Buddhist concept of emptiness.

While most of the lyrics attempt to highlight the failings of materialism (see for instance COTD #50), referring in turn to the large hadron collider and the recent Wall Street bailout, the last four verses of the piece focus on the realization of emptiness and the state of consciousness wherein objects are seen as appearances of the subjective mind :

Up, to the neck in the void
No more artifice
Stopped being schizoid
Found no precipice

Emptiness in all
All in everything
Nihilism is
Not comprehending

Stop and recognize
Objects are mirrors
Subject realize

No cause nor effect
Coming and going
This world I project
Is enlightening



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