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COTD #65 : Come Back, Introduction 23.01.2009

Posted by poligraf in COTD.
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Today’s clip features the first third of “Come Back,” including the intro, first verse, build up and chorus.

As mentioned at the beginning of January, this is an enigmatic piece for me as both music and lyrics have been reworked and reorganized many times over the years, yet I’m never fully satisfied with the end results. Still no interesting lyrics nor arrangement for the chorus at this point. Hopefully inspiration will come soon.



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[…] COTD #70 : Come Back, Bridge 30.01.2009 Posted by poligraf in COTD. Tags: bridge, build-up, chorus, clip, come back, COTD, demo, instrumental, music, poligraf, prog, prog rock, progressive, reprise, rock, vocal passage trackback Clip Of The Day #70 features the bridge to “Come Back.” […]

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