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News and Site Updates 01.02.2009

Posted by poligraf in News, Site Updates.
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Collage from 2008.05.16 (Photos courtesy of Jeepy)

Collage from 2008.05.16 (Photos courtesy of Jeepy)

First, the news.

I met with Christian and Miguel over dinner on Wednesday. We had most excellent sushis, and started the evening by catching up on each other’s lives. The last time the three of us were gathered together was before the holidays, so there was much newness to report.

Then we moved on to poligrafic considerations and discussed a direction for the upcoming months. Given our respective agendas, we decided to put plans for live dates on the backburner and focus our efforts on recording until the first album is ready. Then we’ll see what’s next.

Poligraf is now functioning as a trio. The band had already been reduced to a quartet with the departure of Denis at the end of last June following our trip to Ottawa. Then at the end of October a heated discussion between Martin and myself clearly put in evidence the differences between our respective visions for Martin’s future contributions to the band, and so Martin decided to leave.

Instead of looking for permanent members this time around, we have decided to switch from “live” into “recording” configuration, which means that until further notice the three of us will form the poligrafic core around which hired-guns will gravitate as needed by the pieces.

Second, the updates.

The Goal Was So Near has been upgraded over the course of the last week.

Most pages have been graced with images to make them more lively and appealing.

The band page has been updated to reflect the new line-up and direction.

The plan now presents the details of our catalogue. After last fall’s writing marathon, the relatively vast reservoir of musical ideas gathered over the course of the band’s history has been converted into a relatively vast repertoire comprising 31 pieces in all, most of them completely written and arranged, mature compositions. That translates into enough material for 3 full-length albums, plus 2 conceptual EPs of about 25 and 35 minutes, and 5 singles including the 16-minute “Octoccata.” In other words, enough music to keep us busy for many moons to come.

So, the target is set. Now, back to work.



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