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COTD #73 : The Origin of Reinfused 25.02.2009

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First things first, sorry for the extended and unannounced pause. I was out of town for the first week of February off following unforeseen developments that occurred the preceding week-end. Since then I have been trying with more or less success to catch up with everything, and finding that particular Mountain of Stuff very hard to climb. Hopefully I will have everything sorted out soon. In the meantime, here’s the belated Clip Of the Day #73.

As I mentioned last fall, when I complete a composition there are often ideas left over. And when I am lucky enough to see how to combine some of them, then I have the embryo of a new piece. I have already presented “Leftoverturned” and “Questioning Tasteless Creepers” as illustrations of this recycling process. Today’s clip features “Reinfused,” which stands as the original rehash in the poligrafic chronology.

The creative impulse behind it came one evening in 2001, sometime around the end of May, or most likely on the first of June as it was a Friday. I remember watching King Crimson’s “Déjà Vrooom” live DVD, which features music from the “Thrak” studio album. One characteristic of this album is that it includes three closely related pieces, namely “Vrooom,” “Vrooom Vrooom,” and “Vrooom Vrooom: Coda,” which are built around similar musical ideas, played at different speed or inverted in time.

After a few numbers, I got out of the house for a walk in the neighbourhood, as was my habit at the time. Animated by the just seen performances, and intrigued by the idea of reengineering music, I began to fancy the thought of doing something similar using some of my own unused ideas. Recalling recent musical discoveries, I observed that “Lifeforce” had produced many offshoots which apparently didn’t quite fit into the main piece, so I decided to work on those.

On the morning of June 2, 2001, I gathered the following sequences into a folder, and started to see how I could expand them and assemble them. I had this variation on the “Infused” theme, which eventually became the intro :


There was this segment that I had written as a part of “Derelict,” but didn’t fit its mood :


And a third file, entitled “Reprise,” which as it turned out wasn’t used in the original draft version but eventually became the piece’s ending section :


So, a little before dinner time, after an inspired day in studio, I had the following sketch entitled “Coda” :

Soon to follow : the evolution of “Reinfused.”



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