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COTD #76 : The Evolution of Reinfused 28.02.2009

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Green Chai II

Green Chai II

Earlier this week I described how “Reinfused” came into being in the first days of June 2001. Today’s post will highlight the next steps in the evolution of the composition.

Near the end of September that same year, I returned to “Coda” to resume working on the ending section which was rearranged and renamed “Spiral Reprise” :

A few days later, I wrote this wind-down :

And around mid-October I added both sections to the existing draft and saved the file under “Coda Final.” Although the piece had pretty much found its structure at this point, its story wasn’t fully told yet.

In December I added a counter-melody to the “Shift” section :

And beginning in mid-February 2002 I started developing some of the existing ideas and toying with variations, to finally converge on the 2nd of March with this “complete” version saved as Coda_Complete_05.wrk (sorry about the audio glitch) :

Don’t miss the evolution of “Reinfused” part II, soon in a theater near you… or most likely here sometime next week…



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