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COTD #80 : The Origin of Countless Questions 04.03.2009

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Indian Head Test Pattern

Indian Head Test Pattern

The first section of “1000 Radios” and eighth chapter on the album is entitled “Countless Questions.”

Its working title was “Media” at the time of its creation as the general idea of the song was to express my frustrations in relation to the decaying quality of the content then available on TV and radio.

The various musical ideas for the composition were originally gathered in MIDI sequences in August of 1997, a few months prior to the creation of the band.

There was this chord progression that I used to play on acoustic guitar and which became the bridge :


I had this riff that I used to play on bass and liked very much. I combined it in a loop with a chord progression strongly inspired by the chorus of Fates Warning’s “Point Of View,” and a bottom-heavy riff :


That main riff had also spawned the following build-up, which was eventually discarded along the way :


Starting in August 1998, I began exploring variations, expanding ideas, and organizing everything. I found the intro and ending section, and tried including a verse, but I didn’t like it very much and ended up scrapping it.

Here’s a draft of “Media” as it sounded near the end of September 1998, ugly verse included :



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