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COTD #81 : The Evolution of Reinfused, part 2 06.03.2009

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Incalculable Genus

Incalculable Genus - Basis for the artwork

The next stages in the evolution of “Reinfused” came from the contact with the musicians.

Following the dissolution of the band’s original core in February 2003, and after a pause of about one year or so, time came to recruit new members to reform Poligraf. At this point, I had already started working with Miguel on a guitar trio project, and sometime later during the Spring of 2004 we connected with Isaac Desgagné-Bouchard and Bruno St-Gelais who respectively joined as bassist and singer. A few months later, around mid-October, Christian Lavoie became the band’s drummer and we were ready to roll.

When presenting my pieces to the musicians, I invite them to suggest ideas so that the composition can benefit from external perspectives.

In the case of “Reinfused,” Isaac proposed to add an extended bass fill to the break in between the two guitar solos. Christian found the idea interesting and they worked it out together so that the drums would double it. Here’s Christian and Denis performing it during rehearsals in December 2007 :

Miguel also contributed various parts, including the opening lead :

and the chromatic figure at the beginning of this excerpt :

(Both clips recorded in rehearsals in September 2007)

Over time, other bits and pieces evolved until the composition reached its present form. Here’s the first half of “Reinfused” as released on our “CONGA 2008 Demo” :



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