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COTD #82 : The Evolution of The Idler 08.03.2009

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Upward - Tentative Artwork

Upward - Tentative Artwork

Again today, more illustrations of how a composition evolves with the input of the musicians, this time using “The Idler” as example.

This clip is from the MIDI demo and presents the first part of the suite, “In The Taste Of The Day,” from the guitar solo that follows the verses to the bridge that precedes “Chronoscope” :

The second clip is taken from our “CONGA 2008 Demo” and presents the same music, augmented by various contributions to the arrangements, the most obvious being probably Miguel’s solo and Isaac’s backing vocals.

For those who feel like singing along :

Distract yourself in the tasks of the day
Don’t lie I know you’re only idling
Divert yourself in the taste of the day
You know I know you are only hiding

Angels timely sent
Keep getting lost in the noise that is maze
Blind to dreams even deaf to body
Fate is left to the hands of the clock



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