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COTD #83 : Between Worlds Revisited 10.03.2009

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Maitreya the Conqueror by Nicholas Roerich

Maitreya the Conqueror by Nicholas Roerich

Around the turn of the millennium, I read the The Tibetan Book of the Dead twice. I started with a French translation, and then read the Robert A. F. Thurman version. My motivation at the time was to learn more about the death process and was comes after.

Many years later, I came to the realization that the text could also be interpreted as a metaphor for life, or more precisely, as a symbolized depiction of the process of moving from where one is to the next stage in their life. Thus, in that perspective, death represents the transition between one’s present self and one’s future self, which is represented by rebirth. The quality of this rebirth is determined by the degree to which we are able to recognize the extent of our power, our nature, and our purpose, and to shed the elements of the past that are not compatible with this recognition.

Hey! Now when the life between dawns upon me,
I will abandon laziness, as life has no more time,
Unwavering, enter the path of learning, thinking, and meditating,
And taking perceptions and mind as path,
I will realize the Three Bodies of enlightenment!
This once that I have obtained the human body
Is not the time to stay on the path of distractions.

Hey! Now when the existence between dawns upon me,
I will hold my will with mind one-pointed,
And increase forcefully the impulse of positive evolution;
Blocking the womb door, I will remember to be revulsed.
Now courage and positive perception are essential;
I will give up envy, and contemplate all couples
As my spiritual Mentor, Father and Mother.

(from “The Root Verses of the Six Betweens“)

To accompany today’s reading, here’s the finale of “Between Worlds” :



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