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COTD #85 : Sooner Or Later part 1 14.03.2009

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Multiac Nylon

Multiac Nylon

As far as I am concerned, spring rhymes with acoustic guitar. The equinox is coming up soon, and so lately I have been playing my classical guitar again after a few months off.

Thus, today’s clip does not comes from Poligraf’s catalogue as such. Rather, it is a piece for solo guitar that I recorded in 2004 and that I intend to publish on an acoustic album along with about ten other compositions, all arranged for classical guitar and acoustic instruments.

The original title was “Maybe Later,” but I never liked it that much because of the element of doubt and uncertainty that it conveys, which doesn’t fit the music. In August of 2004, I reworked some parts while getting ready to record, and along with the changes came the new and more appropriate title.

Here’s the first half of “Sooner Or Later” :

Just a quick note for those who aren’t following the Poligrafic network closely : earlier this week I published “25 Chronological Things About Me” on The Daily Poligraf. So if you’d like to know more about the Chief Poligrafist, you now know where to go.



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