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COTD #87 : Ignorant, Introduction 24.03.2009

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“Ignorant” is one of my first compositions ever, and was originally written for acoustic guitar and vocals.

The idea behind the piece is that of lack of knowledge, and how it can lead to damage, even in the absence of ill-intentions, by leaving a door open for misguidance to come in.

The clip presents the instrumental introduction followed the first verse which features a multi-part vocal arrangement and functions as an opening statement :

Back to when I was ignorant
Simple child, open, wild, and free
Sun and shine never went for long
Clouds and rain never cared for me

Then I heard what you said and mistook it for real
Pursuit of happiness is the highest ideal
So I set out to learn how I had to become
How I could get my share of the wealth that was there

The lyrics are almost finished, but there are a few words here and there that are just not quite right yet.

Now for some news, but first, sorry about the low frequency of the COTDs over the last few weeks, I have been busy with the development of the poligrafic platform.

The Poligrafic Network, as it is now called, boasts a new landing page :

New Homepage on poligraf.net

New Homepage on poligraf.net

The script selects a logo from a list and uses its palette to set the colors of the various elements. It is now functioning in cycling mode, so logo and colors will cycle through all of the 18 available variations as the page is reloaded. More will be added on a not-quite-regular basis as new logo designs hit my fancy.

Also in the works, live.poligraf.net which aggregates the poligrafic activities on the network and the social web, that is, after I finish adding all the corresponding feeds to its configuration.

That’s it for now. Hope you have good times ahead !



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