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COTD #90 : The Evolution of Countless Questions 27.03.2009

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As explained in “The Origin of Countless Questions,” in late September 1998 the song had pretty much found its structure, except for the verses which I really didn’t like.

From that point on, most of my efforts on that composition were directed to what eventually became “Informaëlstrom,” but I occasionally toyed with various verse ideas and over time came up with many variations, including this one from October 1999 with an obvious Gentle Giant influence :


and that progression from May 2001 which ended-up becoming the foundation of the first part of “Into The Ashram” :


In parallel I had been working on an energetic number which had stemmed from a draft entitled “Noname30” dating from March 1999. I remember developing that particular bit of music while trying to play something off Bill Bruford’s “Gradually Going Tornado,” but I’m not sure I recall which piece it was. As it evolved the track eventually was named “1000 Radios” :

Most of it wasn’t used in the final version and eventually grew into the first half “Leftoverturned.” Its title remained though, and is now the title of the whole suite. More importantly, that track provided the basic elements for the so sought after verses.

Here’s how it sounded around the end of February 2002 :



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