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COTD #96 : The Evolution of Countless Questions, part 2 04.04.2009

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Radio Station from the German Federal Archive

Radio Station from the German Federal Archive

In a fashion similar to which “Reinfused” resumed its evolution after the hiatus of 2003, various ideas and contributions from the musicians gave “Countless Questions” its present form, the most notable developments probably being the vocal arrangements.

For the longest time we used the name “1000 Radios” to refer to both the whole suite and its first movement. This obviously led to some confusion, and once I finally got weary of explaining myself I decided that the first section would be entitled “Countless Questions” after counting the number of question marks in the lyrics.

Speaking of which, the lyrics to this chapter probably hold the record for Highest Number of Rewritings in all the songs of the poligrafic repertoire, and as far as I can see only “Lifeforce” still stands of chance of dethroning it. Not that I would like that anyway. Here’s the first verse and chorus :

There’s a thousand radios playing in my mind
And I can’t tell which wave is mine
Should I turn them off if they have me bound?
Or were they meant to make me sound?

Flow through my eyes, the dreams of another
Flood in my mind, the views of another
Flow through my eyes, the needs of another
Throughout my life, our lives altogether

The full lyrics are available on the chapter page.

Clip Of The Day #96 presents the first half of “Countless Questions” as released on our “CONGA 2008 Demo” :



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