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COTD #100 : The Evolution of Countless Questions, part 3 09.04.2009

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The Radio Tower by Karel Tršický

The Radio Tower by Karel Tršický

As I hinted to in the preceding instalment of “The Evolution of Countless Questions” series, the lyrics to that particular chapter have been reworked and rewritten on numerous occasions.

What first started as a vehicle to express my frustrations in relation to the decaying quality of the content available on TV and radio gradually became a study of the relationship between an individual and their reality, a subject and their objective world.

In the second half of the composition, I push the exploration further and raise the question of the nature of the distinction between subject and objective world, and the synchronistic dance that connects them :

Countless questions behind those eyes
Burning while I analyse
The design of the line between the world and I
An existence to justify

Too many references enfolded in my head
Who’s to blame for silences? Who’s to blame for what is said?
Redirect me into truth, I’ll strive with all my might
The path is clear yet undefined and there’s no end in sight

Radio why are you here, why do you play for me?
Is there something I should see?
Provider it isn’t clear, what do you want from me?
Show the place for me to be

Flow through my eyes, the dreams of another
Flood in my mind, the views of another
Flow through my eyes, the needs of another
Throughout my life, our lives altogether



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