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Basically a rehash of the material already presented in « Lifeforce, » this comparatively short instrumental piece with an emphasis on shifting time and forward movement is intended to suggest a surge of energy that allows the removal of obstacles which prevent progress, and thus permits a successful completion.



Chapter 10 : Reinfused

{ instrumental }

Here’s the related poetry :

Tell me when are these times that I have dreams about
Are they mere memories of better days gone by
Unsubstantial fancies fated to fade away
Or horizons waiting to be arisen to ?

And the fire I felt when this hope was brand new
When not even Everest could have kept me from you
Has it burned its brightest or just given a hint
Does it smolder for chance or consume its last fuel ?

And the bridge you promised would serve as my footing
Had I strayed from the path or was my step unsure
Perchance that fall was meant to complete my healing
So I’d see for myself what my strength could endure ?

Weren’t you the blue bird that had awaken me
As I laid in the cold suffering of torment
Sung me out of starving, loathing and lethargy
Invited me to rise and resume my ascent ?

As I now look forward to more of your magic
Contemplating what so far had kept me bemused
Just ahead are the times I have dreamt ecstatic
I see the horizons and I am reinfused



« Reinfused » – CONGA 2008 Demo

Excerpt (Live @ L’Autre Caserne – 2002)

Excerpt (In Rehearsal – 2007)

Excerpt (Live @ La Ninkasi – 2008)



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