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Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment that literally means « understanding. » In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment, and is considered a « first step » or embarkation toward nirvana.

Satori is typically juxtaposed with the related term kensho, which translates as « seeing one’s nature. » Kensho experiences tend to be briefer glimpses, while satori is considered to be a deeper spiritual experience. Satori is an intuitive experience and has been described as being similar to awakening one day with an additional pair of arms, and only later learning how to use them.

Following up on the concept introduced with « Samsara, » Poligraf’s first album, « Satori » presents a series of compositions intended to document the progress of an individual who achieves significant breakthroughs on their way to complete enlightenment. While the first album focused primarily on hindrances and their overcoming, the second is more concerned with insights, understandings, and the knowledge that has been thus gained.

The album opens with a trilogy entitled « Entering The Stream » which depicts a life-changing retreat of soul-searching triggered by a one-too-many outburst of accumulated dissatisfaction with the way one’s life is going, and culminating on a renewal of perspective and direction.

The 24-minute suite is followed by four shorter compositions which illustrate specific understandings that correspond to important milestones, namely the realization of the subjectivity of experience, the silencing of negativity, the recognition of emptiness as the foundation of all experience, and the return to a functioning based on intuitive knowledge.



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